Hub City Caboose Restoration Continues

The Restored Southern Railway Caboose number X-3115 is continuing.  It has undergone a major renovation that took much longer than we originally anticipated.  As we began the repairs of several roof repairs we were aware of, we have uncovered a number of other repairs that are needed. This include the replacement of the window frames and some structural and electrical work. Although we are not 100% complete, the caboose is currently open to the public.  We are hopeful that the Caboose exterior will be repainted this spring.  Our grand reopening will be on May 14th during our Train Day Festival.  Please visit the Caboose and Museum from 10 to 2 on Wednesdays and Saturdays 

The Hub City Railroad Museum tells the uniquely important role Southern Railway and others played in Spartanburg's history. The caboose is a vital part of our mission. Restoration of the caboose will lead to many years of happy memories and celebrating the history of railroads in the Hub City.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated and will be used in a judicious way to repair and improve the caboose. If you'd like to help financially, please mail a check to:
2123 Old Spartanburg Rd, suite #129, Greer, SC 29650